Gravesham Borough Council CAN grant scheme reopens

The Gravesham CAN Community Grant Scheme has reopened. Community Groups/Organisations can apply for up to £5K of capital funds for small projects/equipment. For an application form please visit Gravesham's website where you can download an application form. The closing date is 14th October 2015.

Information received from Gravesham Borough Council - 24/9/2015

Victim Support - What will motivate you to become a volunteer?

Volunteers are essential to support the work that Victim Support give to victims of crime. As a volunteer, we will train you to support victims from the first time you meet them until they feel strong enough to move forward on their own. You will listern to their concerns and make sure that there needs are met. For more information contact the Service Delivery Team on 01233 896423/01233 896422 or register your interest at