Following a workshop in December 2015 on Neighbourhood and Parish Plans, Meopham Parish Council agreed to proceed with a new Parish Plan. The first parish plan had been completed in 2008 but this now needs updating.

Why do a Parish Plan? As well as involving the community and fostering community spirit, it can provide evidence of need in a parish. It can identify positive as well as negative issues and it can provide a clear mandate for local action that the Parish Council can use to focus its efforts and resources on. A Parish Plan is holistic, it also covers social, economic and environmental well-being of the community. It can identify local concerns and allows everyone a voice in prioritising them. It sets out an action plan for the future.

Preparing a Parish Plan is a significant piece of work and we need more volunteers from the community to help us with this. Following the presentation at the Annual Parish Meeting this month by Community Planner Jim Boot on Parish Plans, we have made a start on getting together a list of volunteers and gathering ideas on issues from the community. We still however need more volunteers. We want to draw on the wealth of talent that is out there in our community. Whether you are able to give a little or lot of your spare time, please get in touch. We’d love to have you on our team. There will be a wide range of different roles and activities to get involved in. Some may run over the life of the project, others may be one-off pieces of work taking just a few hours. Whatever skills you have or free time you can give, there will be way for you to help. It will also be good way to meet new people in the community and make new friends.

What would be required? Here are some examples of how you could help your community:-

  •  Join a network of volunteers delivering questionnaires to homes on your street
  •  Help us to set up and run local consultation events and workshops
  •  Be part of the steering/working group, take notes of the meetings or maybe even look to take the lead with this project?
  •  Inspire and inform other members of the community by writing an article for our parish newsletter, website or facebook
  •  Share your knowledge and expertise on Meopham
  •  Help to spread the word and get the community involved

Feeling inspired and would like to know more? Please contact the Parish office or complete the attached form.

Meopham Parish Council

Email:,  Tel: 01474 813779

Presentation on Parish Plans by Jim Boot from the Annual Parish Meeting on 17th May 2016 - click here