Message From Adam Holloway MP

Important Vaccination Update

Please book now:

If you are 70 or over or are "extremely clinically vulnerable" (the Shielded Patients List) and haven’t had your COVID-19 vaccination.

Please book now or help others to book today.

According to the NHS management in Kent:
"The last invites to those aged 70 and over or the "extremely clinically vulnerable"..."have been offered to everyone eligible whose contact details the NHS has".

So if you haven’t had your first dose yet or have not been contacted for an appointment this week, please make an appointment now at:

or by phoning 119 if you can’t use the internet.

Here in Gravesham we have the mass-vaccination site at the Woodville Halls, but for the immobile there are teams of NHS staff visiting the housebound.

May I request that everyone who reads this message does as I am going to do right now after posting this, and go now and carefully knock on the door of any neighbour that you know of in these groups, stand well back, and from a distance ask them if they have been vaccinated. If not, please join with other neighbours and make the arrangements for them as above.

The aim is to have everyone in these groups done by Monday.

This is THE major National Effort, which with exceptions of shocking hiccups like in Higham, has been extraordinary: below please see a former nurse now volunteer vaccinator, Diane Marsh, in the Springhead Centre where the previous day they did 700 injections.

Overall the NHS believe they have done nearly 100% of those who want inoculation - though yesterday I heard from a 99 year old lady who had not been contacted: so please help by checking in your local area.

Best wishes,