Catch up summer schooling - message from MP Adam Holloway


Catch-up schooling over the summer



Many schools have done an amazing job during lockdown, but in order to give these a break, and to help the majority of children who have not been able to attend school to catch-up, I have been supporting the Invicta Pop-Up Academy. Using the motto ‘Veni Didici Vici’ – Latin for ‘We Came, We Learnt, We Conquered’ – and run by an army of volunteer Kent teachers, the Academy will provide lessons for Key stages 1 – 4 beginning on Monday 27th July, and finishing on Friday 28th August.

As well as the lessons timetable, there will be weekly “aim high” inspirational sessions which will be delivered by successful people from the worlds of sport, media, business and the arts. All lessons will run to a timetable through which parents and guardians can sign up their children via a website.

Sign up has already begun and the numbers are growing daily with over 70 teachers and hundreds of students already registered.

Thank you again to all the teachers who have already kindly volunteered to help via the website.

This is a major initiative, and I would encourage all parents to sign their children up: (I would love to hear parents' views on their children’s schooling during lockdown:

Many thanks indeed